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"you're packing a suitcase for a place that you've never been...a place that has to be believed to be seen"...'Walk On' by U2

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The concept of Centerpoint Christianity briefly stated is:

Christianity from the centerpoint outward.

Christianity from the climax forward.

This blog constitutes concepts for a new view of Christianity that begins with what is foundational and moves forward from that point. It is based on the assumption that we are being pulled towards something unseen and pushed from a place that once was.

What Centerpoint Christianity attempts to do is bypass some of the constraints imposed by metanarratives by using the life of Christ and particularly the climactic actions of Christ as beginning points.

It supports the conviction that God is essentially timeless. From this beginning point we endeavor to move outward from the definitive moment of the parousia (visitation) of Christ and forward to the future which functions as a type of magnet to "what can be--and is coming".

When we begin at the life of Christ and move outward as from the centerpoint of a web, rather than in a linear timeline of history, another wide picture emerges.

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Does God feel?

Does God feel stuff? I think scripture says yes, often. An illustration: "And the Lord was sorry that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart." He feels sorrow and grief. How can we read it any other way unless we have been trained to? Unless it doesn't fit our way. But is our way the only way?

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Nice to run across you online! Howzitgoing?
I love the emotions of God....Abraham Heschels' books on the prophets is a wonderful resource.

Love to hear from you sometime,
ken wilson
ann arbor vineyard

April 7, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterken wilson

I will be calling soon...thanks for the look and best wishes for the new book

April 11, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDaryl

Hi, Daryl,
I am reading with interest and a new insight into your soul. I ran across Debbie today and she told me about your web site. So, here I am.

Does God Feel? Yeah. If we were made in his image, and we feel the depths and heights of joy, pain, bliss, agony, lonliness, love, belonging, longing, anger, indignation - all of it was born in God and borne in God first of all. Everything I feel was His feeling first; I sinned/often sin with mine, He didn't/doesn't.

Not sure where you are exactly going with this -- a feeling God. I think His longing (feeling) for Eden has never been quelled. I think we are being drawn (by God's heart/emotion) to the new heaven and new earth: in Christ a second Adam, in our human destinies a second Eden. Everything since the Cross: Pentecost, the gifts of the Spirit, human "bents" (natual tendencies for art, music, building things, song, writing, administration, hospitality, etc.) has been for restoring us to our original purposes (John Eldridge: original glory) in life and practicing Life and LIVING in Eden Part II. This (time on earth pre second coming) is rehearsal, and the live performance is yet to be. But the rehearsal affects the final production. The analogy breaks down, as most analogies do.

Rick Beerhorst's A Girl in the War: the keys of the kingdom were locked in the kingdom: a telling and provocative line. We need to find the locksmith. Sometimes that takes better vision. Or a better roadmap to the Kingdom.

If nothing else, you have caused me to ponder what I believe and what that belief is to do.

For that, I thank you.
Wilma Straight

April 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWilma Straight

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