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"you're packing a suitcase for a place that you've never been...a place that has to be believed to be seen"...'Walk On' by U2

WATERSHED: A voice in the wilderness. DARYL UNDERWOOD.


The concept of Centerpoint Christianity briefly stated is:

Christianity from the centerpoint outward.

Christianity from the climax forward.

This blog constitutes concepts for a new view of Christianity that begins with what is foundational and moves forward from that point. It is based on the assumption that we are being pulled towards something unseen and pushed from a place that once was.

What Centerpoint Christianity attempts to do is bypass some of the constraints imposed by metanarratives by using the life of Christ and particularly the climactic actions of Christ as beginning points.

It supports the conviction that God is essentially timeless. From this beginning point we endeavor to move outward from the definitive moment of the parousia (visitation) of Christ and forward to the future which functions as a type of magnet to "what can be--and is coming".

When we begin at the life of Christ and move outward as from the centerpoint of a web, rather than in a linear timeline of history, another wide picture emerges.

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a distant bell




I don't know what happens when people die
Can't seem to grasp it as hard as I try
It's like a song I can hear playing right in my ear
That I can't sing...
I can't help listening

These are phrases that describe God and me and somewhere out there in the other spaces or dimensions. And from experience I know that I am not alone in these feelings. Though for some they are more intense and frequent than for others. We have these colloquialisms.

'Tip of my tongue'...sometimes I feel like I just about know the answers, or better still can feel the answers, but they are just a little out there, just out of reach. If I think hard enough I can pull it up and speak it. But more often something has to happen to jolt my mind and then there it is, as clear as a bell. A distant bell.

'Deja Vu'...sometimes I think I have been here before, perhaps in a dream, or a moment, or in anticipation of a time to come. Something is familiar, but faint. It's real but maybe imagined. Is is and it is not all at the same time. It is in these moments that I realize I am more than a physical presence. Because I am. And I can hear it again, in the distance, a bell. And sometimes I know for whom the bell tolls. I know it is bound to come. One day the bell will ring and I will look over my shoulder and the world as I know it will fade away as I rise above. I think it is that way. When I was a little boy I dreamed I died and floated above the bed. Others were speaking, saying, 'How can this be' and I realise in my spirit I have died of a stroke. I even say in my dream, 'I am too young to die of a stroke'. I wonder if this dream state is somehow like a cousin to deja vu. Perhaps it has happened to me before or it will happen sometime in the future.

I don't know what happens when people die.


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