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"you're packing a suitcase for a place that you've never been...a place that has to be believed to be seen"...'Walk On' by U2

WATERSHED: A voice in the wilderness. DARYL UNDERWOOD.


The concept of Centerpoint Christianity briefly stated is:

Christianity from the centerpoint outward.

Christianity from the climax forward.

This blog constitutes concepts for a new view of Christianity that begins with what is foundational and moves forward from that point. It is based on the assumption that we are being pulled towards something unseen and pushed from a place that once was.

What Centerpoint Christianity attempts to do is bypass some of the constraints imposed by metanarratives by using the life of Christ and particularly the climactic actions of Christ as beginning points.

It supports the conviction that God is essentially timeless. From this beginning point we endeavor to move outward from the definitive moment of the parousia (visitation) of Christ and forward to the future which functions as a type of magnet to "what can be--and is coming".

When we begin at the life of Christ and move outward as from the centerpoint of a web, rather than in a linear timeline of history, another wide picture emerges.

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written by Rich Mullins

The Jordan is waiting for me to cross through
My heart is aging I can tell
So Lord, I'm begging
For one last favor from You

Here's my heart take it where You will 

There's people been friendly
But they'd never be your friends
Sometimes this has bent me to the ground
Now that this is all ending
I want to hear some music once again
'Cause it's the finest thing I have ever found

The Jordan is waiting for me to cross heart is aging I can tell

So Lord, I'm begging for one last favor from's my heart take it where You will


 Jesus and the Human condition


"We are stardust, we are golden, caught in the devil’s bargain…
and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”--“Woodstock” by Joni Mitchell

My name is Daryl Underwood and I have created this blog to "hold" my writings to this point. As a result some of the entries are much too long to be read at the computer. Essentially its purpose is to tell the story that is unfolding in scripture as I see it. The writings herein are by no means final conclusions of the way I see things or believe they are. Just writing helps me to stretch my thoughts and free my mind to wander. Phillis Tickle points out that we need to let our mind 'play' in order to keep it filled with wonder and awe. It is in this 'playtime' or 'recess' that we find treasures hidden in our soul. Perhaps they are just for us.

 Having been a lead pastor in a Vineyard church in Grand Rapids, Michigan for 19 years I gave up the ghost to explore the message of the kingdom without having to worry about how my musings might confuse or lead someone read with an open mind and a kind heart.

I believe the announcement has come, the mystery is unveiled, and I find myself somehow wrapped in the story of God. I don't deserve the mercy but then again no one is really worthy of this.

And finally, the cool looking lady with me in this picture is my wife of 32 years, Debbie. What was she thinking when she said yes!?

"All it takes is one person… and another… and another… and another… to start a movement"--Abraham Hershel. May we move on and move in Him.